Providence Service Society

Current Projects

You are formally invited to join our Service Society. Joining is easy and any dancer can be member. To join simply contribute to any current project or start a project yourself. All you need is an open mind, open heart, and open arms.

Backpack Program

Sponsored by: Gina Smith

Dates: October 1st 2017 – March 31st 2018

Collecting: Backpack program is for students who are on free or reduced lunches at school.  These kids rely on school breakfast and hot lunch because those might be the only daily meals they get. These bags are distributed to these children so they have nutritional food to get them through the weekend. This includes individually sized or wrapped food and drinks, canned items with easy open ring tops, and NO PEANUT PRODUCTS, please.

Please read this flyer for detailed information on donations.




New Coat Donation for A Child’s Place

Sponsored by: Allyson Pacilli and Natalie Busch

Dates: Through December 15th

More Information: New coats to help those in need. A Child’s Place is a non-profit agency working to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education.


Let’s Make a Difference!

Sponsored by: Miss Brittani

Dates: Through December 15th

Collecting: Items to be distributed in bags to Charlotte’s homeless: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs/brushes, socks, band aids, tissues, travel lotion, travel q-tips, chapstick, scarves, floss, gloves, wet wipes, small snacks, water bottles, hats that pull over the ears


Looking for more great ways to help?

Check out the projects going on at our Baxter location.

Contact Katie Montalto, Providence Service Society Coordinator