Academic Overview

Online schooling programs offer unparalleled academics that focuses on more individualized learning per student  as well as flexibility in a students schedule that allows for extensive dance training!


Students come to the studio in the morning, dressed for school and complete their online school program each day with their own laptop computer in a school-like setting. Our academic mentor assists students with their self-paced classes and helps keep them on track. The mentor is employed by our Pre-Professional Program and holds an education degree. Each student has their own individualized educational plan that allows for them to progress at the speed that they need.

Students have the option to participate in any accredited online or homeschooling* education program of their choice. Students can either pursue public or private school online education, depending on what best fits the student and their academic abilities. The student can enroll through any online schooling program and will participate in that program during the school year. The students will follow a traditional academic schedule including completing assignments and doing homework. In most virtual programs (both public and private), high school age students have the ability to participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in order to challenge them to their full potential. Overall, these online virtual education programs allow for the students to work at the pace they need while still being challenged to their highest ability.

*If a student participates in a homeschooling program that is not virtually based, that curriculum must be done at home and then they will arrive promptly at noon for the dance instruction.

Parents will check their student’s progress daily and check any messages from the student’s online instructors to ensure maximum communication. The students virtual schooling program will let them know how the student is doing in each class in addition to our educational mentor.